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About Us

The aim of St Margaret’s Community Trust and the Unity Hubb is to create conversation and connection between local people. 


We facilitate local people to drive positive change and build a strong, resilient community that works together and welcomes others. We strive to inspire creativity, generosity, and leadership among people locally and to create a space that is safe and inclusive and where everyone feels like family.


Local people are the agents of change – our role is to help them take control and build the positive community they want to be part of. The Unity Hubb at St Margaret’s Church encourages connection, creativity and growth, where everyone is welcome, no matter their faith or beliefs. It is a place for the community and is led by what local people want and need. 

At the Hubb, we support people to share their skills and passions with others, while helping them build new ones. We run a number of projects at the Unity Hubb and our Diverse allotment. These include:

  • Chai and Chat – Men’s and Women’s groups

  • Saturday Girls Group

  • BMen Together

  • Gardening club

  • Craft activity sessions including sewing, knitting, crocheting and Creative Conversations

  • Reflexology

  • Yoga

  • Ladies cycling group

  • Cook Together, Eat Together

  • Bollywood Fitness

These activities take place at the Unity Hubb, on our allotment space and in and around Ward End.


Since 2014 we have engaged with and supported people locally to help them build their confidence and grow connections with their community. In future, our goal is to continue to inspire local people to gain new skills and share their own, taking on leadership roles and transforming their community into an even more positive, welcoming and friendly place. We are growing community, together.

Our Team

Rashta Butt: Community Development and Centre Manager

Kaniz Ditta : Community Development Practitioner

Keith Wadsworth: Finance Officer

Gemma Hayden: Operational Support

Partnership Team

Jane Barret: Senior Youth Worker

Our Board

Jo Bagby: Co Chair

Ruth Donegan-Cross: Co Chair

Andrew Caswell: Secretary

Ahmad Aziz: Treasurer

Jane Grimshaw: Trustee

Keith Grimshaw: Trustee


St Margaret's Church is home to a great collection of Heritage monuments and artefacts. With the help from our generous funders, we have fully restored these monuments and made them available for public viewing along with state-of-the-art digital tour information. 


The church has a vast history dating back to 1516 when permission was first sought to erect a chapel of ease. Today the newly refurbished church building is a multi-functional resource; some of its uses include community events, conferences, worship and parties. For further information about the Heritage of our building and its contents, please get in touch.


Viewings of the monuments and artefacts can be arranged by mailing or telephoning the office on 0121 326 9983. This is a great opportunity to enjoy a tour of St Margarets Church, ask questions and view the excellent refurbishment and restoration.

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